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How To Install Apps Outside Of Google PlayHow To Install Apps Outside Of Google Play

The Google Play store is a great resource that can incress your mobile experience. It gives Android users access to more than one million apps, such as Facebook, What's app, IMO, Snap chat, Pandora, and Instagram, among thousands of others, but what do when you dont have access to Google Playstore for the various reasone

Google has removed apps from the Play store for a number of reasons, the most common reasons for removing apps were violation of the company's policy. You can still installed the apps which have been removed from google play store from other sources by the process known as "sideloading"

Google Play Store is the simplest and safest way to download apps into your device, but sometimes there are reasons you might need to install apps from other sources, or maybe you're looking for the sort of apps that just can't be found on Google Play. Or maybe, they're just not available in your local version of the Play Store. 

Here are some easiest steps which will help you out to install apps out side of google play : 1. Using your Android device, get the APK(Android application package file) version of the app that you like. APK stands for “Android application package file”. It is the file format used to distribute and install a particular app on your Android device. You can easily find an APK file because of it filename extension.

Moreover, You can find APK file anywhere. What you have to do or to find any specific apps, Just type the app's name and then add APK in the end before you click on the search button(ex. Facebook.APK, What's ap.APK, Snapchat.APK or Instagram.APK)

If you have installed your APK file on your computer, Transfer it your device.2. Once you have got your APK file in your android device, go to your Android device settings. Find the “Settings” option on your app drawer3. On your device settings, go to “Security” then scroll down to the section for “Device administration”.For devices with older Android OS versions, go to “Settings” > “Applications”.4. Check the box next to “Unknown sources”.5. Use a file manager to find the APK file that you wish to install. Most Android devices have a built-in file manager. Just look for it. It’s there on your app drawer.6. Once you find your APK file, click on it. A dialog will then appear on the screen. Just select “ installed Verify” from the list of available options. Once done, click “Just Once”.7. Another dialog will appear and it will ask you to confirm your app installation. To confirm, just select “Install”. You will be notified when the app will be successfully install.


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