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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game for Android and IOS. It was published and developed  by Supercell.The game was released for IOS system on august 2012 and for android it was released on October 2013 on Google Play Store. It quickly growing the rank and clamed the title of No.1 fast ranking app over all.

The game Clash Of Clans is set on a fantasy theme, Where the player is a cheif of a village. Players task is build their on town by using there own resoucres which they gain from attacking other players by the game fighiting features. Main resources are elixir, golf and dark elixir.

As you know that Clash of Clans is a free app, but you can enjoy more by paying for the latest features. This is a "freemium" model. It's free to play, but you could end up paying a premium. Players are always tempted to pay real-world dollars for the virtual in-game currency, gems, to help get ahead in the game.

Tyrael, A 21-year student fire science technology in New Jersey. He is a part-time firefighter, and he's getting an associates degree in software engineering. Tyrael, who asked to stay anonymous for our story, says the app has been open for 8,000-9,000 hours.

Tyrael played the game 25% of that time, Now he is tending to the app the whole time in order to train his troops. Troop training is a part of process which can take a while but is essential to building up resources to help win a raid.

What about so addicting about Clash Of Clans ?

Tyrael said, "There is a three-minute timer on the raid, You get 30 seconds to look at an enemy's base, and then as soon as you start dropping troops, you have three minutes to destroy the enemy's defenses."

You will ranked, If you at least win a battle of trophy and if you lose you have to give a portion of your trophies, Depending on if your opponent was a higher or lower in rank then you.If you're fighting someone less experienced, an upset would mean you lose more trophies proportionally, as a win would expected. If you're the underdog, you have more chances to earn more trophies if you are  willing to take more risks.

To make some money from his intense "Clash of Clans" habit, Tyrael has started livestreaming on Twitch and YouTube.


Just this week, he partnered with Curse Entertainment, a popular streaming network that operates on YouTube and Twitch. Tyrael almost signed an e-contract with another streaming network, TGN, but he ended up going with Curse Entertainment, which will give him 90% of the ad revenue generated from his videos.

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